Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hello and welcome to Lu Lu's Blog!
This blog is dedicated to you and is a Celebration of You and what makes you unique, different and special!

You are you and nobody can be you! Don't cover up your uniqueness but cherish and release it! Love yourself today because you're ONE OF A KIND!

We invite you now to proudly share with us and the world what makes you unique, different and special! Honor and love your uniqueness – it's your right!

Enjoy being who you are, a ONE OF A KIND person!

Lu Lu and Friends

Don't forget to print and fill out Lu Lu's "Ten Things that Make Me Unique and Special" as a reminder of how special you are! Display around your house and celebrate! Find the link on the right side of the page.


  1. We are in love with Lu Lu!!! The new cover is brilliant! My children of all ages love this book and I urge anyone who hasn't purchased it to do so. The story and artwork are wonderful and the message Lu Lu offers is much needed in our world today. Find out what makes you special! Thank you, Bob, for sharing Lu Lu with us! Please continue to provide us with more stories of Lu Lu's adventures. Can't wait to read more!

    Donna Knight
    Hutchinson, KS

    1. Hi Donna and family! Thank you so much. Lu Lu and I are so happy that you enjoyed the story and artwork! (Lu Lu is quite the artist I must say; working with her was an unforgettable experience!) Thanks for spreading Lu Lu's message that we are all unique and special! As Lu Lu says, "Cherish yourself and celebrate because you're one of a kind!"

      Cheers! Bob and Lu Lu

      P.S. Lu Lu just got back from NYC and had a fabulous time! She discovered something new about herself and plans to tell in her next book! Well keep you posted!

  2. LuLu Has transformed our lives: 'flamingo' automatically makes us think of 'pink' but of 'blue'. Since my daughter is only 4 years old, it's mostly the drawings that appeal to her but I know that later on the whole story behind the vibrant drawings will appeal to her as much as it appealed to me. I'm also looking forward to reading more adventures of LuLu and her very unique take on the world!

    1. Hi Eva: Lu Lu and I are so glad to hear from you and your daughter! Sorry to be late in responding but George The Dragon came to visit us and we've been flying around Kansas sightseeing.

      Wow... what a compliment! Knowing Lu Lu has definitely transformed my life as well -- she's an inspiration to me in celebrating my own uniqueness... and cherishing the uniqueness in others! Isn't it great that not all flamingos are blue!

      Look forward to hearing from you again!

      Bob and Lu Lu

      P.S. Lu Lu and I "LOVED" the artwork sent by your daughter and you! The pictures look just like Lu Lu and we will soon post on Lu Lu's Facebook Page!

  3. I've been "different" all my life, sometimes because I'm smart, sometimes because I stick by my principles, sometimes because I'm crazy (and most people think I'm too old to act as crazy as I do), and sometimes because I don't enjoy following the crowd. By the time I got acquainted with Lu Lu, I was on my way to feeling comfortable being who I really am, at least most of the time. Lu Lu encourages me to give myself permission to be real self, even when I stick out like a blue flamingo. I recommend this book to everyone, young & old alike. Even if you just look at the gorgeous pictures, you'll understand the story, though the reading makes it that much better. Thank you Robert Barber for writing what we all need to hear.

  4. Hi Diana: How neat that you acknowledge and celebrate "being different!" The funny thing is that we are all different and yet try to mold ourselves into the "norm" -- kind of like a "ready made" box that so many of us are trying to put ourselves into and achieve but fail and subsequently feel horrible because we are not being true to ourselves. You are a dynamic and unique person!

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment! It is the goal of Lu Lu for everyone to feel "encouraged" after reading her book to be a "real self," even if that means "sticking out" like a blue flamingo. :0)

    Thanks again! Lu Lu and Bob

    1. Hi Diana: Thank you so much for sending me your book -- The Parent. I enjoyed reading it and couldn't put it down until I finished it! As a therapist always on the lookout for books that help others... and as a reader for personal enjoyment, I especially liked how the story shows the reader what good parenting dynamics look like, not to mention healthy human relations and how to achieve... regardless of the person's age and generational differences!

      I recommend this book to everyone to read!

      Thanks for sending!

      Bob and Lu Lu

  5. Hey Lulu!
    I love your new cover. We all new a new "look" now and then to keep it fresh, right? Give you friend Bob a big hug for me!

  6. Hey John: Thanks! I couldn't agree more -- William did a great job designing it and I'm a very happy flamingo! You know me, it's got to be different and unique! :0)

    I'm off to St. Petersburg for the weekend with Matilda Big Feet.

    TTFN! Lu Lu